How Are We Doing?

Every June I make a presentation at the ISB Board of Trustees public meeting of our students’ results in outside assessments. This includes a wide range of measures like the IB Diploma scores, Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), etc. 

After this year’s presentation, several administration and board members asked me to publicize these results. In this tough economic climate, a goal for our school is to market itself to attract more students. This presentation will help! They show a high level of learning and just how strong academically our students are performing. We are not perfect and there are areas to improve, but the results indicate we are a high-performing school. This is not just what we do every day, although the quality of the curriculum and teachers does help, it also shows high socio-economic families that value education as well. 

One member of the Board asked if we discern the data between students who have been with us for a long time and recent students. We do not do this and it may be a project for next year. 

I am developing a Moodle page with all of our student learning data, including things like report card grades and attendance data, as well as the major assessments mentioned above. Below is my power point presentation to the Board which I uploaded to 


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