TCNJ Advanced Leadership Class

I am taking EDAD 617 Advanced Leadership class through the College of New Jersey. The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) holds courses for international school teachers on the Spanish island of Mallorca. I earned my Master’s degree from the program in the 90’s and it is nice to be back to see the old sites and refresh myself on educational administrative issues. The course will be two weeks every afternoon and there is a variety of educators, from PYP Coordinators, to Athletic Directors, US and International-based people, and a variety of ages. It is very stimulating to hear from other people. I’ll be blogging what I am learning from the class.

Yesterday’s big learning was the Theory of Situational Leadership. This concept was brought forth by Paul Hersey and Kenneth Blanchard in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  The theory states that different situations need different leadership styles. The two variables to consider are the following:

TASK – how much the leader communicates one-way in what, how, and when the project needs to be completed.

RELATIONSHIP – the extent the leader allows the colleague to take over a project

Directing Style – give specific instructions and closely supervise the performance of the follower

Coaching Style – give specific instructions closely supervise the task, but also explain directions and solicit suggestions and support progress toward completion.

Supportive Style – facilitate and support the efforts of followers and share responsibility for decision making

Delegating Style – turn over problem solving and decision making over to followers

Quad 1 – High Task / Low Relationship (directing) Quad 2 – High Task and High Relationship (coaching)
Quad 3 – Low Task / High Relationship (supporting) Quad 4 – Low Relationship and Low Task


The theory also takes into account the maturity (ability to get the job done and initiative) of the people a Principal is working with.


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