ISB Grade 10 Students Personal Projects Exhibition

Christian Shows His Short Story Collection

As part of the IB curriculum, students in the final year of the Middle Years Programme, which is our Grade 10, complete a personal project during the school year. Today we held the public exhibition of their projects. I really enjoy sitting down with the students and talking about their projects. I feel the biggest benefits for my work as a principal, is to learn what interests and talents our students demonstrate. This could lead to new courses, workshops, or after school activities.

The big theme for this year’s cohort of 12 students (our smallest class in the Upper School) was technology. Most of the projects in some way integrated the use of technology. It confirmed my thinking that eventually we should offer programming classes here at ISB. Below is a list of Personal Projects of some of the students I had a chance to learn about:

  • Connor spent 3 days and nights alone in the Fruska Gora National Park camping with a minimum of supplies. He read Thoreau’s On Walden Pond and made a documentary of his experience.
  • Two students made Apps, the first by Ilija was a “super-duper” calculator for the iPhone and the other was an App for an Android phone that lets the user know when the battery is fully charged. The student, Sima, went on to calculate the energy savings his app would accumulate if people stopped charging their phones after the battery was full. Both boys had to learn programming languages (Java, Csharp). Ilija also went to a science center here in Serbia (Petnica).
  • Two students made websites, one for his father’s business and the other for the German Soccer League.
  • Alex made a 6-day crash course training video on Mixed Martial Arts.
  • Rea wrote, played, recorded, and uploaded an original song to and uploaded it to The link to the song is here.
  • Christian, shown above, wrote 5 short stories set in New York City that follows the cases of two private detectives during World War II.
  • Anze wrote a screen play based on Arthur C. Clarke’s 1972 science fiction novel, “Rendezvous With Rama.” The movie script covers the first half of the book. Actor Morgan Freeman is actually trying to make a movie based on the book.
  • Svetlana researched the state of women’s soccer here in Serbia and spent a couple of days with the Serbian Women’s National Team. It resulted in a web site on women’s soccer and a video of her experiences.

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