Getting Teenagers Active!

School Zumba Session

One of the characteristics of the “Generation M” students is they are less active than previous generations of students. Much of this is caused by the advent of the internet and personal electronic devices. With the world of entertainment and communication at their fingertips, it is tempting to be in front of a screen a big portion of the day. The purpose of the ISB Upper School Fitness Week was to get our community moving and finding a balance between a healthy mind (academics) and a healthy body.

Hannah Goes For a Bullseye

Everyday this week our Physical Education Department, led by ISB PE Teacher, Mr. Igor Šaljić, gave some opportunity for the students and teachers to be active or learn a new sport. The photo above shows a school-wide Zumba session. Both teachers and students felt energized at the end of a long day of study, with the Latin rhythms and dance moves featured in a Zumba workout. Earlier in the week, the students were introduced to the sports of judo, fencing, and archery, three activities that they normally would never be exposed to. The culmination of the week is our walk/run in Košutnjak Park today. The event will not only get our students walking in nature, but it will also raise money for the local Drinka Pavlović Orphanage. CAS Coordinator Vladimir Stanojlović is leading an effort to collect funds to buy sports equipment for the kids at the orphanage. Donations are being accepted anytime at the school reception desks or directly with Vladimir in the library.

We hope the mantra of get away from your screens and get moving will resonate with our students.



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