How Are We Doing? 2012-2013


Every June the Lower School Principal and I make a presentation to the ISB Board of Trustees. The presentation is above and it highlights student achievement. As part of our school’s strategic plan, we are developing a set of indicators which we will monitor to determine success. With that in mind, I went a bit beyond just test scores and documents our cocurricular, fine arts, and community service program.

I am very interested in student learning data and what it can tell us and how it can improve teaching and learning at ISB. In a public forum such as this, I can’t go into the details that are under the data above. We are fortunate at ISB to have students that come from families that value education and our students are strong readers, mathematicians, and students in general that take their education seriously. They are normal teenagers however, and it is a challenge for us to engage and motivate them to do even more.



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