Getting Classrooms Ready For Learning

I really like it when teachers and administrators take extra care in designing their classrooms and offices. The “wow”
factor for students and colleagues helps the learning in the space. I want to share the three-part video series with faculty next week as they set up their classrooms and other learning spaces. The videos were featured on one of my favorite educational resource web sites, Edutopia, published by the George Lucas Foundation. The videos follow the consulting firm, The Third Teacher Plus, as they work with an American middle school teacher and help him re-design his classroom. I had to laugh remembering how many students they cram in a classroom in public schools. The featured teacher has classes of 36 students. The videos were inspiring to me and hopefully our faculty as well.


The second part shows the actually work and physical transformation of the room. I particularly loved the “Toss and Keep” game. I also see the Stanford also is involved in this particular project.  This is an ideal situation with a team of professionals working in the room.



Part three shows the final product and the reactions of the students. They also go through all the facets of the room. It really makes me want to do this with my office. The original post on Edutopia can be found here.




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