Engaging With Serbia

I really feel it is important that international school faculty participate in the host nation’s culture. To celebrate the end of our Orientation and preparation for the school year, we invited the Abrašević Folk Dancing Ensemble to give us a workshop at the school. The dance troupe was famous during the time of Yugoslavia and still tours today, being founded in 1905. Folk dancing is common here in the Balkans and some of our local faculty, when they were younger, participated in folk dancing groups.

They put an exhibition of dancing for us and more importantly, explained to the faculty what the different costumes from the different regions of Serbia symbolize. They then tried to teach us some of the basic steps and it was sooo much fun. As you can see from the photo above, we all had a great time and shared many laughs. Dancing makes one feel good and it was nice to end such a hectic time with an experience that was so relaxing and entertaining.

I was so inspired by the instructor and the troupe that I want to have the students involved as well. Hopefully in the second semester, we can have the troupe come and work with our students.

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