Meet Head of Campus : Atushide Sakakura

(This is the second in a series of KG personnel who play a role at our school.)

Atushide Sakakura is our head of campus and visits our school on a monthly basis for one of our main administrative meetings. Administrators from the school also have frequent chances to meet up with him when they visit the main Kwansei Gakuin (KG) Uegahara campus. He is an administrative trustee of the KG Educational Foundation with overseeing responsibility for all the KG K-12 schools and a professor at KG university in the School of Humanities. A native of Kyoto, he has bachelors and masters degrees from KG University in the field of Chinese history. He feels it important that for students to be global or internationally-minded, they must first understand their neighbors.

Professor Sakakura enjoys his time on the SOIS campus. He sees that the students here have more choice in what they learn than in the average Japanese school, something he sees as a positive trait of the education we offer, as he thinks students are happier and learn more when they can decide for themselves what path their learning will take. His time also spent in K-12 schools brings him back to a time earlier in his career when he wanted to be a teacher in a high school instead of a professor and he likes being around younger students.

Besides being an expert in Chinese history and a leader on the KG Board of Trustees, Sakakura sensei enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and is a skilled curer (smoker) of different kinds of meat.

Sakakura sensei’s experience and common sense have helped our school immensely. He is a strong advocate for the Senri and Osaka International Schools. He always has the best interests of our students in his focus. The campus head plays a very important role in representing our campus within the KG foundation.

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