OIS Students Run to Disney Tokyo!

The OIS elementary students have been getting fit, often without even knowing they were exercising. PE teacher Mrs. Leanne Entwhistle wanted to get students running more and came up with the idea of measuring how much they run and challenging them to make it to Disneyland in Tokyo, 522 kilometers from Minoh. It is 86 meters around the gymnasium, and for the 6-week fitness unit this term, the students begin class with running around the gym as a warm up for the lesson. The students start with 3 minutes and depending on the age group, build up to over 15 minutes of running at one time. “The Big Run” challenge is taking place this week as a culmination of the unit. Grade 1 students run up to 8 minutes, grade two for 10 minutes, etc. Besides endurance, Mrs. Entwhistle teaches form, technique, and pacing. This is such a valuable life long skill!

I am happy to announce that the combined efforts of the students were more than enough to make the 522 kilometers. This was even before the Big Run starting today. Mickey Mouse even sends them a gift and a certificate for accomplishing the feat.

Perhaps next year they will set their sights on a further destination. How about the 1,363 kilometers to the Disneyland resort in Shanghai?

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