Meet Business Office Staff: Keishi Uenoya

This is the third in a series of posts about the people from the Kwansei Gakuin Foundation that work behind the scenes at the school. Keishi works in the business office and this year he has devoted much time to facilities. He is shown above with a new L.E.D. light and the old fluorescent light.The campus facilities people are replacing lights with energy efficient L.E.D. lights and Keishi explained to the students who are studying sustainability, the cost savings to school and some of the technical aspects of the new lights.

Mr. Uenoya has been working here at the school for 1 year. He is a graduate of Kwansei Gakuin university and was working in the School of International Studies office before being transferred to our campus. Keishi is originally from the Fukui prefecture and after a year of studying abroad at the University of Georgia (USA), he wanted to support students going abroad, hence the reason why he was working in the international studies office. His bilingualism and comfort with foreigners have been assets for the school. Besides facilities, Mr. Uenoya works with the special programs (Just For Kids, Saturday English School) office and deals with the Osaka Prefecture MEXT (Ministry of Education) subsidies program.

Keishi finds the international atmosphere and the style of education at SOIS very interesting. We are glad that he brings a youthful, positive, energy to the school.

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