Career-related Programme (CP)

This is another of the posts from the IB Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Macau, March 19-21.

CP Career-related programme (current model teaching until May 2016) 

1. career related studies / DP courses (complete 2 from any group)

2. Community and Service / ATL / Language Development / Reflective Project

  • 100 authorized schools for the CP in 2015 and will reach 120 schools
  • 40 schools in 2012 – started higher than any other IB program
  • workplace is getting closer to the classroom
  • 15 countries (China, Thailand, Germany)
  • 1000th CP candidate
  • business and marketing 53% / engineering 36% / medical 35% / IT-Programming 31% / VA-PA photography 28% – health and social 13% – food/culinary 11% – architecture-building-construction 10% – education 10% – sports 10% media 10%
  • subject group 3 is the most common choice – group 5 2nd – group 4 3rd – math studies is the most common DP exam choice;
  • average number of CP courses is now 2.6
  • language development is in the core, but it is not a DP course

It is a very cheap option, $1,500


  • raised aspirations – university and employment is not for them?
  • increased # in university
  • otherwise disengaged, now focused and motivated with the CP
  • employers and local community links increased through the CP
  • 70% of high school students pursuing career-technical education (CTE) with the CP went on to 2 or 4 year colleges after high school

In the future, new PD opportunities will be developed by the IB, it can be a stand alone programme so branch out into vocational schools, and they will add a “personal and professional skills” course.

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