BBC World Service Forum Podcast “Cloud Education”

I listened to a great podcast this morning from the BBC program, Forum. Each week presenter Bridget Kendall talks with experts and they discuss big ideas like magnetism, trade, dependency, etc. The May 11th episode’s idea was cloud education. Probably the most famous educational expert in the world, Sir Ken Robinson (of Ted Talks fame), Indian professor Sugata Mitra, and computer professor Scott Klemmer take on the subject.

There were many great ideas brought up on the podcast. My big takeaway (love that word, if it is a word…) was that  it is inevitable that more individualized schedules through on line learning will become the norm, and the 20th century model of age groups in the traditional 50-minute, or 85 minute block schedules will fade away. So much more is possible with the internet.

You can listen to the podcast here.


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