SOIS Sabers Coaching Meeting

During the orientation this week the Athletic & Activities Director, Pete Heimer had a PD session with the coaches and sponsors. In his introductory remarks, Pete reminded us of the scoreboard fundraising. He also reviewed all of the online resources for coaches, students and parents. You can find links below. As part of our efforts to reduce paper use at the school, students and parents can use online google forms. Mr. Heimer showed us a humorous and instructive video that he made to emphasize what the school is looking for in good coaching.

“Coach” Heimer was quite inspiring and made me think about how I will comport myself this season. We are all looking forward to starting the season this weekend. His blog is full of thought-provoking articles.

SOIS Athletics Links

Sabers Athletics Facebook page – The athletics department web site. It has all of the forms, schedules, calendars, rules and other information about the sports teams at the school.

The Athletic Director blog

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