Crisis Response Tour of NIS

The crisis response manager (and librarian) Nicholas Meyer ( of the Nagoya International School was kind to take us on a tour yesterday. He demonstrated the equipment and procedures the school has on campus to respond to an emergency. I like to see what other schools are doing to take good ideas back to our school. It is a goal of mine this year to produce a thorough crisis response manual in English and review it with our community.

The good ideas I got from the tour were to print and post notices of the students with severe allergies (peanuts) or serious medical conditions. A page with their name, photo and grade is posted in the teachers’ lounge and in the business office. This will make it easy for everyone to identify. The other idea was a parent pick-up form (below) that makes it easy for the school to figure out who has left with their parents in case of an emergency dismissal. They also had safety officer vests to identify people ¬†in charge. He also mentioned everyone knowing where the gas canisters are located to turn off and a reminder that people may be trapped in the elevator if the power goes out.

One thing to look up when I return is the anti venom for the red-back spider. We have found several red back spiders on campus historically. What would we do if someone gets bit?

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