College Admissions Night for Grade 12 Parents & Students

University of California Irvine admissions counselor speaks with SOIS students last month

Our university counselor, Melissa Lamug hosted a college admissions workshop for this year’s seniors (grade 12 students) and their parents last night.

An admissions officer from Minerva at KGI , a radically new concept in higher education, began the seminar with a presentation. As this article in the New York Times describes, it is a unique institution. They had over 11,000 applicants from 160 countries going for 200 spots. They have not had a student from Japan study at this new school. One of last year’s OIS graduates was accepted, but chose a different school to attend.  I would have loved to go to a school like that when I was applying for universities.

Next, Lisa Ishara, a graduate from the class of 2015, gave advice to this year’s seniors.

  • “Take the safer road, not the easy road.”  – An example would be to take the SAT because as this may help you get admitted into the university of your choice.
  • “You are responsible for your own deadlines.” – It is the student’s responsibility to meet deadlines, not your parents or the counselor.
  • “Ask your teachers and counselor for help with the admissions essays and interviews.”

The program finished with Ms. Lamug giving an overview of the university application process and the team answering parent questions. Thanks to Mr. Mecklem and Ms. Lamug for leading the informative presentations.

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