World Scholar’s Cup Kansai Round 2016

OIS students confer on the team test event of WSC

We are hosted the Kansai round of the World Scholar’s Cup 2016 yesterday. The top students in this round will go on to global round next month in Bangkok. I was an adjudicator for the debates which I really enjoyed. Debating is so good for students. They are given a resolution and then have to research and put together a logical argument in short amount of time. Teams need to work together and think on their feet to rebut the opponent.Probably the best aspect is practicing presenting oneself and public speaking. Each debate team member makes a 4-minute speech outlining their position and rebutting the previous speaker from the opposite team.

An alpaca is the symbol of WSC

The students also enjoy the humor the organizers use in the knowledge bowl portion of the event. The mascot of the event is an alpaca and they really play this up, to the delight of the students. They also use many pop culture references in teaching points. WSC also works on integrating students from different schools, so unlike sporting events, OIS students form close relationships with students from other schools which is really good.

Thank you World Scholar’s Cup for providing this experience for our students and we are looking forward to participating in the global round in Bangkok.



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