What Country has the Most International Schools?

The International School Consultancy published an article this spring ranking the nations with the most international schools. The demand for international education is exploding! It used to be when I first started my career in international education over 20 years ago, I knew of almost all of the schools and they mostly catered to expatriates. Today, more local families are looking for English-medium international “western” education. I think this reflects globalization of the economy. Many parents feel their children, in order to be successful in business or other fields, need to be fluent in English and have a creative, critical thinking and collaborative skills in this economy. Families recognize the mobility future employees need in this age of rapidly changing work environments.

Japan ranks #6 in the world with 239 international schools. The top country is the United Arab Emirates with 549 schools educating over half a million students. Rounding out the top five is China, Pakistan, India and Spain. I am curious to see where this trend is going. It seems like new schools are popping up all the time, especially here in East Asia.


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