Computer Programming Education @OIS (podcast #5)


Link to OIS head’s study podcast page.

OIS mathematics teacher Kevin Bertman and I talk about teaching programming in his mathematics classes in the podcast above. Coding or computer programming is increasingly being offered in schools today and there are initiatives throughout the world to make it mandatory. With computers taking over many aspects of our daily work, a knowledge of programming and the logic behind it are important for students to be exposed to. In this podcast we talk about coding, mathematics teaching, the different levels of mathematics in the IB, driverless cars and other topics. Thanks to Mr. Bertman for sharing with us his passion for programming and on behalf of the community, thanks to him for bringing it to our curriculum. is Kevin’s professional website.

Codecademy  is a free website that you can teach yourself coding.

Scratch is a free programming language created by MIT that is a great introduction to coding for all ages.

Sketch Up is a 3D computer aided drawing program.

To download Kevin’s apps from the iTunes store, please go to this link.


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