Literacy for Learning Tutor Training


The Senri & Osaka International Schools of Kwansei Gakuin will be hosting Literacy for learning: International edition tutor training program on October 31 – November 3, 2016. The program is produced by the Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) in Adelaide, Australia and is one of a suite of professional development programs developed by DECD under the name, Unlocking the World: Professional Development for Teachers.

You may be familiar with the Teaching ESL Students in the Mainstream course (TESMC) also developed by DECD. The Literacy for Learning (LfL) course is similar to TESMC, without any ESL references, contains many new texts and activities and is focused on literacy. It is 7 hours shorter and while TESMC is for teachers new to working with ESL students, LfL is for teachers who are very familiar with working with ESL  students and their needs.

For more information on training program, please visit

Successful graduates become resident school-based tutors who deliver the Teacher Development Course. This provides your school with cost effective, school-managed professional development. The cost of the Tutor Training is AUD$3,380. You can register for the course online at

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