Kitchens Bring People Together


The innovative chefs from the Esaka restaurant, Volare, gave an engaging workshop on Japanese-Italian fusion cooking. The workshop was another in our series of Culture & Cooking events. I find that working in the kitchen brings people together, as it is human nature to be involved in food preparation. People make connections with each other over food. Many international schools hold food fairs, but this is a more intimate and deeper experience. Last year we featured Russian, Afghanistani and Middle East (Saudi Arabian/Egyptian) cooking and culture nights.


Head Chef Yuya Ishibashi demonstrates preparing Japanese Snapper

The team of chefs from Volare prepared four dishes. A beetroot risotto wrapped in shiso leaves, raw chicken breast marinated with konbu (kelp) and three types of mushrooms added, a veggie broth pasta and “aquapazza” a seafood and veggie stirfry. All the dishes were delicious, healthy and creative. Everyone was quite satisfied. I especially liked learning about kelp and how it can flavor many dishes.


Osaka is a foodie paradise and it is good to highlight one of the hundreds of outstanding restaurants in the metropolitan area.

I would like to thank the OIS Parent Teacher Association for sponsoring the event. I also highly recommend Volare for a fabulous night out. All of their dishes are excellent and the service and attention to details, make for a guaranteed, amazing night on the town. Arigato gosaimasu to Kohei and Yuya!






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