SOIS Supports Stuttering Therapy in Japan


The Senri & Osaka International Schools in conjunction with the Australian Stuttering Research Centre of the University of Sydney, hosted a stuttering (kitsuon in Japanese) workshop specifically for local speech therapists November 3-5, 2017. Leading the conference were Dr. Brenda Carey, a distinguished speech & language pathologist in the area of stuttering and Yokohama International School Learning Support teacher and speech & language pathologist. Over 50 Japanese speech therapists and researchers received training in the Lidcombe Method, a therapy for young children that reduces stuttering. This was the first of its kind in the Kansai region.

The early intervention therapy for stuttering is new to Japan, so these types of workshops are critical in treating children. It is the goal that the highly successful Lidcombe Method will be used regularly in Japan.

Dr. Carey and Ms. Yandeau graciously delivered professional development workshops to our teachers and met with students and parents about speech development.

The workshop resonates with one of the SOIS belief statements, “We believe that one of our goals is to demonstrate new ideas, practices, techniques, and systems to other schools around Japan and the world.”


Dr. Carey of the Australian Stuttering Research Centre – University of Sydney


We are proud to have supported the Australian Stuttering Research Center and the University of Sydney in their work in Japan. A big thank you to Dr. Carey and Ms. Yandeau for helping our community and speech pathologists in Japan.



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