Sustainability Tastes Delicious!


The Eco Club sponsored a Sustainable Living and Cooking Workshop during Earth Week.

What does it mean to make a sustainable dish?

  • The less processed the better. Requires less energy to create and packaging to transport and is better for you.
  • Requires minimal resources to produce. Ex. Veggies require significantly less land and water to produce than animal products.
  • The lower on the food chain the more sustainable. Growing plants or animals to feed to other animals to grow them is very energy intensive/less sustainable.
  • Locally produced and healthy is more sustainable.
  • Organic will require fewer resources and have fewer impacts on health and environment than non-organic foods
  • Plan ahead to decrease food waste.


Thanks to all of the teachers and students who taught recipes and techniques and Ms. Rumble, sponsor of the Eco Club for leading the event!




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