OIS 2018-2019 “We Are Family”

we are family

Last week the entire school K-12 gathered in the theatre to open the school year. The main idea of the assembly was to reinforce the idea that we are one school, from our youngest students in kindergarten A to our Class of 2019 seniors, ready to leave OIS for universities.

I gave a short talk to frame the 2018-2019 school year with our major themes:

I. Health

  1. A healthy body (exercise, sleep, nutritious food)
  2. Healthy emotions (connect w/ friends, handle ups/downs)
  3. Healthy mind (seek advice and support)

II. Be the Best Person You Can Be – Living our mission

  1. Informed – Be curious and enjoy learning; complete homework, go for high grades, do not procrastinate
  2. Caring – Be an upstander, not a bystander, be a good friend
  3. Creative – Be yourself – find what makes you different and unique and develop it
  4. Contribute – How are you going to make OIS a better school?

We introduced the faculty to the song, Final Countdown by Europe and sang karaoke to the Disco classic, “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge. The music brought everyone’s emotions up a level! A special thanks to OIS music teacher Daniel Ligon for his ideas and support during the assembly. I guess you can tell my age by the music we selected!

We most importantly reinforced the idea of community and helping each other learn. We are all looking forward to a rewarding school year.

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