OIS Student Internship Program

The staff of Mori Kosan Co.

OIS is looking to expand its high school student internship program. If you are a business that wants to support OIS students, please let us know.

Work experience is invaluable for helping our students find out what direction they want to take their higher education and career. Often I find teenagers have an unrealistic view of daily work life. Internships give them opportunities to see what it is really like.

Homin and Mina make their final presentation report to the staff

Two OIS high school students, Mina Allen and Homin Kim, completed an internship this summer at Mori Kosan Co., a company that helps foreign university students find jobs in Japan after their studies are completed. They help with business etiquette, language courses, job searches, etc. Mina and Homin did a lot of translation work for the company and helped with their website and social media fees. Mina was surprised at the lack of fluent English speakers in the industry, especially since companies work with foreign students. Many OIS students are bilingual (Japanese-English) which opens many doors for them in Japan and in the future, there will be even more of a need of English.

Mori Kosan believed having the two high school students gave them a fresh perspective and enjoyed having them complete the internship. I would like to thank Alberto Servin and everyone at Mori Kosan for hosting OIS students!

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