OIS History Students Featured in the EARCOS Journal

In the Winter 2018 issue of the EARCOS Triannual Journal: A link to educational excellence in East Asia, OIS Humanities teacher Tara Cheney published an article about her classes here at OIS. The grade 10 and 11 students investigated the renovated Osaka International Peace Museum. The students developed critical thinking and analytical skills to reflect on what the museum offers the public regarding World War II history and Japan’s role.

OIS Grade 10 is featured in the latest issue of EARCOS Journal

The East Asia Regional Council of Schools consists of 170 international schools serving over 140,000 students in the region. The journal has a wide circulation. Teachers share ideas and best practices. The OIS project will inspire EARCOS faculty to do similar projects in their region.

The published article fits in well with our 2 Schools Statements of Belief. “We believe that one of our goals is to demonstrate new ideas, practices, techniques, and systems to other schools around Japan and the world.”

Congratulations to Ms. Cheney and her history students!

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