Graduation 2019

It is such a privilege to be part of high school graduation ceremonies. The pride, joy and sometimes sadness are some of the gamut of emotions from both parents and students that participate in this milestone. It is an emotional rush for all of the faculty and staff to see off the graduates in style.

The OIS graduation ceremony is distinct in many ways. Every graduate gets to make a short speech to thank the people in their lives that helped them through school. It is traditional at OIS that the grade 11 students and parents plan and cater the pre-ceremony reception and photographs and cater the post-graduation party in the courtyard. They get “paid back” the following year when it is their turn to graduate. I also love seeing the SIS students and underclassmen attending the reception. There are always plenty of tears, hugs and laughter!

It pains me a bit however as the head of school, often my relationships with the students are not as close as the faculty. Being a former teacher, that is the aspect of education I miss the most is my close interaction with students in the classroom. As the head of school, I try my best to connect with all the students, teachers and parents and I do get a strong sense of satisfaction helping out in different ways.

I would like to congratulate the OIS Class of 2019!

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