TIS Teacher Well Being

We are making a commitment to taking care of the well being of our community members. This includes teachers and in the middle of teacher work week, we took time out Wednesday afternoon for taking care of ourselves.

Teachers could play sports (disc golf, badminton, table tennis), be creative (clay, painting, music) or just relaxing (mindfulness, reading) and best of all, with a group of colleagues. Friendly relationships with the people with live and work with is so vital for our individual happiness. Humans are a social animal, the devoting time to being together while doing a pleasurable activity is so refreshing. It allows us to perform our work of educating young people at a higher level because of our positive psychological and physical state.

It is easy to say I am too busy to take time out for leisure and socializing, but I think those busy times are when we need it the most. I would like to thank the TIS faculty and staff for giving it a go!

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