Economist JOurnalist Speaks at TIS

Author and journalist Joanne Lillis

I believe international schools should be a center of exchanging ideas, deep conversations and intellectual study. I loved last night’s talk by The Economist Central Asian correspondent Joanne Lillis hosted by the TIS librarian Susan Waterworth. She talked about political change in Central Asia. She recently got permission to report from Uzbekistan and it was interesting to hear her opinions of the opening up of the country.

The event was well attended with a variety of parents, students, faculty and friends of TIS. There were plenty of questions. It was good for our students to hear the route she took to becoming an international journalist and author. I read her book on Kazakhstan (Dark Shadows) and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to know more about the country. I would like to thank Joanna for finding time in her busy schedule to come to our school and to Susan for organizing and promoting the event.

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