Covid-19 Reading: A Corona Corps and more interesting ideas

I am reading, listening and watching as much as I can information about the coronavirus and its spread. Elemental by Medium, a science-backed health and well-being online publication in an article titled, “If the Coronavirus is Airborne, what does it mean for us?” refers to early studies possibly showing that crowded indoor environments like restaurants, homes and public transport readily transmit the virus and there have not been any confirmed outdoor spreading of the virus. However, everything with this virus has been complicated. My takeaway from the article is to make sure we are physically distancing and keeping our distance from each other.

While the images from spring break in Florida were used to tarnish Generation Z as irresponsible and selfish, the truth is that most young people did exactly what was asked of them—despite the fact that they are at relatively low risk of a serious case, let alone a fatal one. Leaders called on citizens to self-isolate to flatten the curve. And the class of 2020 listened. Generation Z is doing its part, for everyone, simply by staying home.

“The Next Great Generation” The Atlantic, May 7, 2020 Julian Zelizer

The excerpt above is from Princeton University Professor’s article in The Atlantic. He highlights the sacrifices the Class of 2020 is making, even though their age cohort is not really affected by this coronavirus.

One of my favorite authors and podcasters, Scott Galloway, a marketing professor from New York University suggests forming a Corona Corps, similar to the Peace Corp. These young people would be put into service, helping with contact tracing, food and medical deliveries, administering testing, etc. He thinks that taking a Gap Year would be beneficial as they would serve something bigger than themselves instead of most likely, attending online university classes in the fall. The Corps would be an army of young people, unaffected by the virus that could help society get through this pandemic.

Dr. Galloway is a big proponent of a Gap Year, especially for young men who mature slower than women. He reaffirmed what I already knew, that for many young people, an emotional, life-changing experience focuses what you and what you really want to do with your life. The key is to find that experience for the gap year. For me, it was going abroad for the first time at age 25 to teach in Colombia that helped me find my true vocation. I would have preferred to do this at an earlier stage.

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