TIS Operations Team Visits HomeSpot

TIS Operations Team

Last week the TIS Operations Team visited a new superstore in Tashkent called HomeSpot. We are always looking for high quality products and with a large store like HomeSpot, it will make us more efficient in procuring equipment and supplies. We hope to start a corporate account with them for lower prices and delivery to the school.

Tashkent is developing rapidly and it seems like everyday there are new stores, restaurants, cafes, factories, etc. HomeSpot is owned by the Kolberg Group and they are expanding the store we visited into the second floor. It is modeled after Home Depot and sells a wide range of goods, from home furnishings, to dry wall, tools, paint, flooring, appliances, etc. Most of it came from China but they have lots of brands including Bosch and Archer reasonably priced. I think it will be a successful business.

I was particularly interested in the paint section. There is a Finnish company called Tikkurila that uses color codes to mix paints to produce the exact color a customer needs. This is new to Tashkent and just in time. Our re-branding this year specifies six colors with Pantone codes. We were worried about not finding the exact colors. You can find it easily on Google Maps and it is not too far from our school.

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