Visual Arts Exhibition

Anđela and Ms. Stafford Enjoy the Exhibition

Last night I had the honor of introducing the artists at our annual Diploma Programme Visual Arts Exhibition. Eight seniors exhibited their work at the Center of Cultural Decontamination Exhibition Hall in anticipation of the IBO Examiners’ visit this weekend. They need to explain and defend each piece of art.

My big take-away from the event was the personality of each student clearly shows through their artwork. Below were my impressions from each student-artist that I used in my speech.

  • Siir – impressive notebook, scientist/artist
  • Marina – loud, daring, sports
  • Nevena – introspective, quiet but surprising
  • Anđela – feminine, flowers
  • Aleksandra – well-researched, strong identity
  • Rakel – empathetic, social justice issues
  • Petar – fun and engaging
  • Kristina – opinionated
Student-Artist Siir


Another point I would like to make is the fact that an expert comes from outside the community to assess each student’s work, is so important. The students put much more energy and time into their artwork knowing they will not only be assessed by the IBO, but also they will display their work in a downtown gallery.

A few points to improve next time are as follows:

  • Make and enforce a dress code for the student-artists.
  • Get more people to the exhibition, whether with an ISB bus or have a mini-exhibition on school grounds. Perhaps some of the work can be displayed at the graduation Commencement in May.
Petar's Green


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