Examples of Good Teaching

In my classroom observations, I like to highlight good teaching techniques and ideas. In my observation this morning of a grade 9 Humanities class, Ms. Shannon Moore demonstrated excellent organization. This is a good model for all teachers and the purpose of this post is to demonstrate this.

I would like to have this be a standard practice in the classroom. Perhaps I can work for next year to have this be put in the 2012-2013 in the expectations section. Here is what I liked about her structure.

1) Daily Agenda – A plan for the class period was on the screen. I copied it from her Moodle page.

Apr 16, 2012 10:52 PM 

1)  Listen: Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall
2) A Declaration of Independence     – brainstorm & quick write     – watch: John Adams Liberty Will Reign and Declaration of Independence     – surveying and making predictions about the text     – key vocabulary     – assign reading parts     – watch model of choral reading: Declaration of Independence
3) Hand-in Jefferson summary next class!

2) I liked that she had a homework/reminder section on her white board. She also put up the date and day number in our cycle.

And finally, she also posted the Unit Title, the Area of Interaction address, the main unit objective, and other objectives for the unit as well. She had these for all three units she is currently working on.


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