Aligning Our Curriculum

ISB is using its six early release professional development days for each discipline to align its content and skills from Pre-Kinder to Grade 12. As a former science teacher, I am working with the science department. Earlier in the year, we completed putting together the official documentation in a form called a Curriculum Overview Map (COM). Now we are looking at the content in each grade level and seeing which units can be classified as biology, chemistry, physics, or earth sciences (astronomy, geology, weather).  We will be able to see where there are gaps and where there are redundancies. The process is causing us to re-think how we do things, what units we are doing and when. The goal is for a student to complete our science curriculum with a solid understanding of the issues, mastery of the skills of science, and most importantly, an enthusiasm to study more science or an appreciation of science. I will blog after our next early release day with our findings. I am really enjoying digging into the science units again and wish I had the time to teach a class.

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