ISB Students and the National Democratic Institute

NDI Serbia Director Tom Kelly Discusses Leadership and Democracy with ISB and Kladovo HS Students

This weekend I had the pleasure of participating in a workshop entitled “Civics 101” with our students. The National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the International School of Belgrade (ISB) are partners in delivering workshops this spring. NDI was founded in 1983 by the United States Democratic Party as a non-governmental, non-profit organizations whose mission is to spread and support democratic principles throughout the world. NDI is closely working with the Serbian government during its process toward possible European Union membership. NDI targets impoverished areas in Eastern Serbia and so this year our students are working with students from Kladovo High School. Kladovo is a small city located on the Danube River, about 4 hours north east of Serbia.

The goal of the workshops is for the students to learn leadership and advocacy skills and jointly execute projects in the communities of the two schools. This weekend’s workshop was held in Kovačica, a city in the south Banat region about 30 minutes outside of Belgrade.

I would like to thank the NDI workshop leaders and our staff members who participated in the workshops!




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