Counseling Psychology

Packer Hall – The first Lehigh University building (1868)

This summer I completed a course in Lehigh’s Counseling Psychology Department entitled, “Diversity and Multicultural Perspectives”. The course was taught by Dr. Kate Richmond, a visiting professor from nearby Muhlenberg College.

I put on Scribd (see below) my daily reflections of my experiences during the course, including lectures, class discussions/presentations, group activities, and the readings. The course was an “eye-opening” experience for me and it made me look critically at my own views and societal and cultural systems that I live in. My major take-aways are as follows:

  • Leading an educational community entails a lot of psychology and counseling. The more insight I have into human nature, the better I do my job and act in the best interest of students.
  • Do not “celebrate” diversity for its own sake, but critically evaluate how different marginalized groups are impacted by our  dominant culture.
  • Great teachers make a big difference in schools. I was inspired by the passion for and knowledge of the subject by Dr. Richmond.
  • Social Justice should be in the everyday life of international schools. The course also gave me some deeper insights into “global citizenship”.



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