School Law & Ethics


I am pictured with Mark Klein, Professor of School Law and Ethics

My second course this summer was School Law & Ethics taught by visiting professor, Mark Klein. Mark is the Superintendent of Council Rock School District, an affluent area near Philadelphia/Princeton area. It was enriching to learn about his experiences as leader of a large, public school community and he was generous in providing school documentation.

The course was thought-provoking and very useful for my daily work as an administrator. We covered a lot of different areas regarding school law. We learned the overall structure of the justice system in the US and practiced reading and analyzing court case documents, including the US Supreme Court. Over 2/3 of all cases brought to trial in school law in the US are dealing with the IDEA, the Individual Disabilities Education Act (Special Needs Students). Every day we took on topics like searches, security cameras, contract law, employees rights, tenure, background checks, religion in schools, student teaching, and the latest big issue, the Internet. It reemphasized the importance of having a good Acceptable Use Policy, Copyrights, and Social Media policies. We also explored how the different areas of professional and personal ethics come together for a individual code of conduct.

This is all very useful and I will definitely be referring to these notes below in the future.

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