High School Spring Concert

Last week we held our premier music performance of the year at beautiful Maple Hall. The great hall seats over 500 and is owned by the city of Minoh. It is rented out to city organizations and groups. The first part of the concert featured our 58-student choir. It was a special performance as it was the last for choir director Ms. Sarah Bonner and choir assistant Jadwiga Sakakibara. The many soloists, the male section and the choir as a whole sounded wonderful and my favorite piece was Ode to Joy. 

OIS student Yuki is performing a beautiful solo piece above. Next came the wind ensemble. The first piece, “Winter” from Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” featured OIS student Leila as concert master and Kenji Sano, a professional archlute player. Conductor Vernon Villapando was masterful in bringing the talented individual musicians into a cohesive orchestra.

The concert ended with the wind ensemble. If you ever heard a wind ensemble, the volume and fury of so many horns and percussion really blows the audience away. Below they perform Gershwin’s “You Got Rhythm”.



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