High Cost of Academic Journals

I listened to the story below with great interest. Academic journals are very expensive and most research studies cannot be read online without paying a high fee. This hit home with the school’s subscription to the Journal of Research in International Education. This is an excellent journal with research on K-12 international schools. There are three issues per year and the yearly cost is $US 352. That is over $100 per issue! I cancelled our subscription because of it is so expensive and I couldn’t justify the amount we were paying with how much we get from the journal articles. I might look into downloading individual articles, but those are $36 per article.

There has to be a better economic model. This not only applies to educational journals, but also medical journals. When people are diagnosed with an illness and want to see the latest research on that particular illness, they will have to pay a lot for access. It would make for a better world if academic journals lowered their fees and more people had access to this latest information.

The link to the NPR story is below.




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