Taking Care of the Dormitory Students


It is a special responsibility to run an international boarding program. We try to make the students feel at home and so from time to time, we hold events to give them a family experience. Last weekend we held a BBQ in the courtyard. Mr. Mecklem and Mr. Lewis were the master grillers, preparing perfectly done shrimp, beef and vegetables. Our dormitories have students from both schools, so we provide students with many opportunities to intermingle.


Boarding students toured visited Katsuo Temple

On Sunday we led them on a hike up through the Minoh Quasi National Park to the Katsuo temple. It is quite a beautiful setting and lots of interesting things to see and do. The temple is known for its “winner’s luck” and pilgrims come when they are faced with challenges in their lives. A daruma doll is placed somewhere on the grounds when an obstacle is overcome or a goal achieved.


Daruma are all over the temple grounds



Please contact the school if you are interested in learning more about our boarding program.

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