Elementary Soccer Teams Excel


A happy bunch of student-athletes and coaches

The elementary students have been so enthusiastic about our soccer program. Yesterday 37 students participated in the Falcon Cup on Rokko Island. All of the teams won at least one game and one team in the senior division finished third out of 24 teams and another in the junior division won the championship.

The goals of the after-school sports program for grades 3-5 are as follows:

  1. Learn the fundamental techniques and team strategies to reach a high level of competency.
  2. Be active to improve cardiovascular and muscular fitness.
  3. Learn teamwork and being a positive, contributing member of a group.
  4. Laugh a lot and enjoy the experiences of a team sport.


Coach Jones prepares the team for penalty kicks. 


I think we made strides in accomplishing all four goals so far this season. The games were moved inside due to the rain, but that did not deter from the fun. A special thanks to Canadian Academy athletic director Sim Cook for his organization and the school for hosting the event. There were over 30 futsal teams from 6 different schools, so it was a crazy day of kids running all over the place. I was especially proud of our students and it is good to see 12 girls playing on the teams. It is a goal of mine to increase the number of female athletes at our middle school and high school level and one way of doing that is to start them enjoying team sports in elementary school and hope it carries over to their later school years.


Winners of the Junior Division


I also always say what is good for kids is good for adults and I think the coaches and parents enjoyed the day as much as the students. Gooooo Sabers!!!!!!




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